What is a Jetmax Airmover?

Jetmax Airmovers (air amplifiers) use a small volume of compressed air to induce a large volume of ambient airflow.

Jetmax Airmovers have the following features:

1. They have no moving parts, ensuring their safety.
2. Their output is varied by adjusting the supply pressure.
3. With the correct filter they do not require maintenance.
4. They can be stopped & started instantly by closing & opening the compressed air supply

Additional features:

  • Low cost
  • Easy to control flow/force
  • Instant on/off
  • No blades
  • No maintenance, no moving parts
  • No electricity or explosion hazard
  • Ventilation & exhaust of smoke/fumes (replacing fans)
  • Blow-off chips, trim scrap, water, dust
  • Cooling molded parts & castings
  • Cleaning/cooling of conveyed parts

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